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Yucca Plantation

Melrose, Louisiana
County of Natchitoches.
Near intersection of Louisiana 119 and 493
National Register Number: 72000556
Resource type: District.
Property type: Domestic - single dwelling. The threat level was Watch in
Congressional District: LA-3 Certified Local Government: NO
This NHL offers public access.
Please contact the NHL directly for visitor information.
Current use/information: Working Plantation, some buildings open to the public..

Statement of Significance (as of designation - May 30, 1974):
Established in the late 18th century by Marie Therese Coin-Coin, a former slave who became a wealthy businesswoman, the grounds of Yucca Plantation (now known as Melrose Plantation) contain what may well be the oldest buildings of African design built by Blacks, for the use of Blacks, in the country. The African House, a unique, nearly square structure with an umbrella-like roof which extends some 10' beyond the exterior walls on all four sides, may be of direct African derivation.

State reports that Yucca Plantation "is threatened due to a sinking foundation" in 2005. NPS Technical Services Program is undertaking an investigation.

Buildings are deteriorating due to accumulation of rainwater and poor drainage. A Historic Structures Report for this property will be completed soon. There are plans to recontour the ground to provide improved drainage of the site, and monitor conditions before additional measures are undertaken.

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