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Fort St. Pierre Site

Vicksburg vicinity, Mississippi
County of Warren.
National Register Number: 00000263
Resource type: Site.
Property type: Defense - military facility. The threat level was Watch in
Certified Local Government: NO

Statement of Significance (as of designation - February 16, 2000):
Established in 1719, this fort was the main French colonial settlement in the Yazoo Basin of the Mississippi River. It was a point of interaction between the French and Native American tribes in the Lower Mississippi River Valley and was used to exclude English traders from the French sphere of influence. Support for the settlement of St. Pierre was derived from the efforts of John Law who was responsible for the revival of French interest in colonial affairs in the Southeast. The fort was destroyed in an uprising by the Natchez in 1729 and was never resettled. Archeological investigations in the 1970s demonstrated that the site has a high degree of integrity. Occupied for a relatively short period of time, Fort St Pierre was rapidly destroyed and never re-settled. These circumstances make it a key for dating other sites in the Yazoo Bluffs region and beyond. The site has contributed to the archaeology of the French colonial period, and the demonstrated integrity of its archeological deposits indicates that it can do so in future excavations.

The site is vulnerable to relic hunters and vandals and is frequently used as a dump site for appliances, household garbage and animal carcasses.

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