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Bastrop State Park

Bastrop, Texas
County of Bastrop.
East of Bastrop, between State Routes 21 and 71
National Register Number: 97001242
Resource type: District.
Property type: Recreation Facility. The threat level was Watch in
Congressional District: TX-15 Certified Local Government: NO
This NHL offers public access.
Please contact the NHL directly for visitor information.
Current use/information: State Park: 512-321-2101; www.tpwd.state.tx.us/park/bastrop.

Statement of Significance (as of designation - September 25, 1997):
Bastrop State Park is one of the finest illustrations of the legacy and influence of architect herbert Maier's work as a regional director of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) and as the leading spokesperson on architecture for the National Park Service's effort to assist state parks during the 1930s. Bastrop was established as a showplace for state park design and construction in Texas and was one of the most extensive state parks developed during the New Deal. Facilities constructed by the CCC - all well preserved - include roadways, picnic tables, refectory, bridges, cabins, and a nine-hole golf course.

Contributing NHL structures and features at Bastrop State Park could be classified in Fair to Good condition, but several components are in dire need of repair. Most assets are in continual use by the general public. Associated forested lands are somewhat overgrown with under- and mid-story vegetation due to decades of fire suppression and are too dense for a healthy ecosystem. Additionally, invasive exotic species are colonizing forested habitats, threatening their long-term sustainability. Erosion exists in close proximity to a valued CCC cabin and another is experiencing a shifting slab. The original Pro Shop and Wood Working Shop are in need of shake roof replacement, wane edge siding replacement/etc. Original CCC furnishings are in poor repair and have, for the most part, been taken out of public view.

The Texas State Parks Division is experiencing extreme funding shortages that are hampering the ability to adequately maintain historic sites. Regardless, several more years may lapse before necessary, restorative projects can be initialized. In addition, the Boy Scouts of America are working to finalize the leasing of groundwater at a near-by site. This could remove 5000 acre feet of water annually from the local area and seriously impact the sustainability of this forest. Invading mesquite control has begun on a limited basis. TPWD continues to monitor threats at this site.

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