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Rickenbacker, Captain Edward V., House

Columbus, Ohio
County of Franklin.
National Register Number: 76001426
Resource type: Building.
Property type: Domestic - single dwelling. The threat level was Satisfactory in
Congressional District: OH-12 Certified Local Government: YES

Statement of Significance (as of designation - May 11, 1976):
From 1895 to 1922, this simple dwelling was the residence of Edward Vernon Rickenbacher (1890-1973). A leading race car driver prior to the First World War, Rickenbacher became a hero as an aviator. His feat of shooting down 26 German aircraft in less than 6 months established him as "American Ace of Aces", and made him the idol of a whole generation of American youth. After the war, Rickenbacher devoted his energies to the developing commercial airline industry.

The Home remains boarded up and in disrepair. The trees and shrubs growing on the west side of the house may become an issue as a source of insect infestation.

A complex exterior historic renovation has been completed at the site in the past two years. The project was managed by the Neighborhood Design Center and Rickenbacker-Woods, Inc., and was conducted by Asebrook & Co. Architects and Durable Slate Construction. Architectural work completeed includes: architectural documentation including floor plans, elevations, building and wall sections, and details as needed; structural documentation including foundation and framing plans, sections, details, and specifications; mechanical and electrical design and documentation for future interior restoration work. Construction work completed includes: replacement of slate roof; installtionof new galvanized gutters; chimney repair and rebuild from existing brick; porch reconstruction (including removal of existing siding to original wood, installation of new wood steps to match existing, removal of arches and siding added after period of significance, restoration of original decorative brackes and columns); replacement and restoration of all doors and windows; removal of siding and repair of original siding (including painting original color based on paint analysis conducted by Welsh Color & Conservation); installation of picket fence to match original. Structural work completed includes: repair of sill beams, replacement of deteriorating wood framing, reinforcement of existing piers and additional of two support beams in basement. AIA contract documentation for all construction work is attached to this form. In addition to the exterior house renovation, an archeological study of the backyard at the property was conducted by Ohio Valley Archeological Consultants. In August 2008, RWI received a capital fund appropriation from the state of Ohio, which will be used to advance interior restoration of the site. Currently, Urban Infrastructure Recovery Frunds (UIRF) from the city of Columbus are being used to stbilize the structure immediately next to the site (1324 Livingston Avenue) and to upgrade the condition of a cinder block building behind the site to be used for the construction storage. A grant from the Jeffrey Fund of the Columbus Foundation received in Fall 2007 is being used to create interpretive signage panels for the site, which are scheduled for installation in December 2008.

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