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Space Launch Complex 10

Lompoc, California
County of Santa Barbara.
Vandenburg Air Force Base
National Register Number: 86003511
Resource type: Structure.
The threat level was Watch in
Congressional District: CA-22 Certified Local Government: NO
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Statement of Significance (as of designation - June 23, 1986):
Built in 1958 for the U.S. Air Force's Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile (IRBM) Testing Program, this complex was adapted for space flight purposes. The launch facility was first used on June 16, 1959. The blockhouse contains one of the best existing collections of the working electronics used to support launches of that era and the entire complex is the best surviving example of a working launch complex built in the 1950s at the beginning of the American effort to explore space.

Space Launch Complex 10 at Vandenberg Air Force Base is the best surviving example of a launch complex built in the 1950s at the beginning of the American effort to explore space.

Five years of a planned 8-year refurbishment have been completed at Space Launch Complex 10. Several buildings have been stabilized on the West launch pad, and a new ADA-compatible restroom has been added. Exterior drainage and landscape issues have been addressed, and other civil improvements have been made. A Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) document has been completed for management purposes, and an updated NHL site form also has been produced. Management and maintenance plans are being addressed, and the next three years should see the completion of the refurbishment and stabilization project if funding sources remain viable.

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