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Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Bremerton, Washington
County of Kitsap.
National Register Number: 88003053
Resource type: District.
Property type: Defense - naval facility. The threat level was Satisfactory in
Congressional District: WA-6 Certified Local Government: NO
This NHL offers public access.
Please contact the NHL directly for visitor information.
Current use/information: Shipyard.

Statement of Significance (as of designation - August 27, 1992):
Puget Sound Naval Shipyard was the principal repair establishment for the U.S. Navy's battle-damaged battleships and aircraft carriers, as well as smaller warships, of the Pacific Fleet during World War II. Five of the eight battleships bombed at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, were repaired at the shipyard and returned to duty. During the war, the shipyard repaird 26 battleships (some more than once), 18 aircraft carriers, 13 cruisers, and 79 destroyers; in addition, 50 ships were built or fitted out at the yard. More than 30,000 workers built, fitted out, repaired, overhauled or modernized nearly 400 fighting ships here between 1941 and 1945.

The Navy has a Memorandum of Agreement in place with the Washington State Historic Preservation Office to address mitigation and management issues.

The NPS and SHPO continue to work closely with Shipyard staff in planning for the rehabilitation of major properties that are included in the landmark. These properties include The Water Support Facilities, Industrial Skills Center, and Building 50. Building 50 will be moved and become a visitor contact center for the city of Bremerton. It has also received a Savings America’s Treasures Grant that will help rehabilitate the structure once at its new location.

Recommendation/Change since last report:
The NPS and the State Historic Preservation Officer will continue to offer technical assistance to the Shipyard staff and city of Bremerton to insure appropriate rehabilitation. Contact is made at the request of the property owner and their representatives in consultation with the SHPO in early planning stages of proposed work.

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