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CLAMAGORE, USS (Submarine)

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina
County of Charleston.
Patriot's Point Naval and Maritime Museum
National Register Number: 89001229
Resource type: Structure.
Property type: Defense - naval facility. The threat level was Watch in
Certified Local Government: YES
This NHL offers public access.
Please contact the NHL directly for visitor information.
Current use/information: http://www.maritime.org/hnsa-ss343.htm.

Statement of Significance (as of designation - June 29, 1989):
A BALAO class submarine, she was one of 132 fleet submarines built during WORLD WAR II for the U.S. Navy as part of the major submarine construction program that followed the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. The submarine warfare pursued by the U.S. and supported by this construction program was instrumental in securing an American victory in the Pacific. One of nine submarines converted to a GUPPY III in 1947, CLAMAGORE is now the only surviving GUPPY Type III in the U.S.

Deterioration of the fabric of the submarine's pressure hull is creating potential for major repairs to be required to maintain watertight integrity to allow it to continue to be displayed, as it currently, in the waters of Charleston Harbor.

Continued restoration of turtleback and interior of the submarine using internal resources of the Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum. As yet no grant funding has been obtained to allow drydocking or other methods of restoring the pressure hull.

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