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RALPH J. SCOTT (Fireboat)

San Pedro, California
County of Los Angeles.
Berth 86, 5th Street & Harbor Blvd.
National Register Number: 89001430
Resource type: Structure.
Property type: Maritime: Vessel. The threat level was Watch in
Congressional District: CA-36 Certified Local Government: NO
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Current use/information: Active Fireboat; www.lafd.org/boatscub.htm.
Web Site: www.lafd.org/boatscub.htm.

Statement of Significance (as of designation - June 30, 1989):
RALPH J. SCOTT is an excellent example of the 1920s high-speed, shallow draft style American fireboat, a type of fireboat now largely phased out of service after decades of use in the nation's ports. Associated with the nationally important petroleum trade harbor of San Pedro, the port of Los Angeles, the nation's second largest port, RALPH J. SCOTT has fought numerous waterfront fires, including two notable disasters, the explosion and buring of the tanker MARKAY in June 1947, on the nation's greatest waterfront disasters, and the tanker SANSINENA in December 1976.

The Ralph J. Scott Fireboat has been decommissioned and the LA City Fire Department has begun exploring what to do with the boat. The Marine Engineers' Report states that the boat must come out of the water. More than half the hull needs to be re-riveted and all of the seams need welding. The marine engineer has said that there isn't anyone that does hand riveting any more. The city has hired a marine engineer to develop a report on how to lift the boat out of the water with out impacting the resource.

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