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Sanger, Margaret, Clinic

New York, New York
County of New York.
National Register Number: 93001599
Resource type: Building.
Congressional District: NY-8 Certified Local Government: YES

Statement of Significance (as of designation - September 14, 1993):
From 1930 to 1973, this house served as the clinic established by Margaret Higgins Sanger (1879-1966), a pioneer in birth control. According to Sanger, her career as an advocate and educator in this field began with the death of a woman who had been told by her doctor that another child could kill her, and yet received no contraceptive information from this doctor save abstinence; the woman died trying to end an unwanted pregnancy. Sanger, who coined the term "birth control," dedicated her life to win reproductive autonomy for women by administering safe, harmless information in order to give women a choice about parenthood, and established herself as a speaker and writer on sexual reforms, educating women on sex, venereal disease, and birth control.

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