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Alkali Ridge

Monticello, Utah
County of San Juan.
National Register Number: 66000740
Resource type: District.
Property type: Domestic - village site (pueblo group). The threat level was Satisfactory in
Congressional District: UT-2 Certified Local Government: YES
This NHL offers public access.
Please contact the NHL directly for visitor information.
Current use/information: 435-587-1500: www.ut.blm.gov/monticello/index.html..

Statement of Significance (as of designation - July 19, 1964):
This large area, comprising some 70 square miles, contains vestiges of the earliest traditionally recognized Puebloan architecture - above-ground dwellings built around a central courtyard with associated underground kiva. The ridge is considered the type location of the Pueblo II period (A.D. 900-1100), a transitional time between life focused within scattered pit dwellings and a true sedentary life-style with multistory structures, irrigation agriculture, and high-quality ceramics.

Currently there are no threats to the landmark.

Regular patrols along main roads, and intermittent patrols elsewhere in the NHL.

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