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Marmes Rockshelter

Lyons Ferry, Washington
County of Franklin.
National Register Number: 66000745
Resource type: Site.
The threat level was Watch in
Certified Local Government: NO

Statement of Significance (as of designation - July 19, 1964):
The most outstanding archeological site yet discovered in the Northwest. Excavations at the site have revealed the earliest burials in the Pacific Northwest (c. 5500-4500 BC) and possibly the oldest human remains yet encountered in the Western Hemisphere (c. 11,000-9,000 BC). The eight strata at the site all contain cultural materials.

The rockshelter has been inundated by the Lower Monumental reservoir since construction of the Lower Monumental Dam in the late 1960s. Intermittent monitoring is conducted of this location.

There are no reported changes to the landmark.

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