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Manuelito Complex

Manuelito, New Mexico
County of McKinley.
National Register Number: 66000894
Resource type: Site.
The threat level was Threatened in
Congressional District: NM-3 Certified Local Government: NO

Statement of Significance (as of designation - July 19, 1964):
Manuelito exhibits continuous Anasazi occupation from about 700-1350 AD. With this long span of use, the area has the potential to yield valuable information on Anasazi development.

The property owned by New Mexico State Parks (NMSP) in Manuelito Canyon, McKinley County, NM is threatened by erosion. The type of threat is water erosion, particularly at Big House Ruin, LA 1379.

NMSP applied for a grant through the National Park Service (NPS), Heritage Partnerships Program, and has received a report which provides a baseline to begin some advance planning for erosion control at Big House Ruin. Further, NMSP has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Navajo Nation to cooperate on a variety of projects, which would include landscape stabilization at Big House Ruin.

Recommendation/Change since last report:
The new erosion control plan, funded through the NPS, will help NMSP to determine the next best step in preserving Big House Ruin. It is hoped that NMSP can continue to partner with the NPS, the NM Historic Preservation Division and the Navajo Nation to phase in a robust resource protection program at this site. This could include: fencing the site, a cultural resource inventory of the surrounding area, possible ruins stabilization, and extensive erosion control/landscape stabilization. As the arroyo is extensive and extends into neighboring properties, the erosion control will need to be a cooperative project, treating head-cuts, slowing or diverting the water flow, and re-vegetating the site.

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