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Rolvaag, O.E., House

Northfield, Minnesota    County of Rice.
National Register Number: 69000078
Property type: Domestic - single dwelling. Resource type: Building.
Congressional District: MN-2 Certified Local Government: YES
The Threat Status was Satisfactory in the year 2004.
Ownership: Private.
Themes: Novel.

Statement of Significance (as of designation - August 4, 1969):
From 1912 until his death, this was the residence of Ole Edvard Rolvaag (1876-1931), Norwegian immigrant and the first American novelist to give a true accounting of the psychological cost of pioneering on the farmer's frontier. His famous trilogy--GIANTS IN THE EARTH (1927), PEDER VICTORIOUS (1928), and THEIR FATHER'S GOD (1931)--stands in our literature as the most mature and penetrating assessment of the adjustments immigrant pioneers had to make in order to find peace and prosperity in Middle America.

There was no report received in 2006.

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